Inverter MMA Welder
It is an inverter arc welding machine (Manual Metal Arc Welding), compact size, light weight, easy to move. Constant power, surge protection, save electricity With over-voltage and over-current protection, low cost, high quality, long service life. The welding line is smooth and beautiful. It can weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum using welding wire.
Can be common to almost all kinds

Metal arc welding with flux clad wire
Is the process of joining metals together By using the heat generated by the arc Between the flux covered welding wire (Electrode) with the workpiece Which heat generated at the end of the welding wire The temperature is about 5,000 - 6,000 degrees Celsius to melt metals together. The core of the welding wire acts as a conductor and is a metal additive to the weld. The flux covering the welding wire will be heated. And melted and covered the weld To prevent outside air from reacting with the weld Along with reducing the cooling rate of the welds When cooled, the flux becomes hard and brittle like glass, called slag.


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